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There are many many reasons why website owners should invest in good SEO.

  1. It makes Financial Sense – SEO is an ongoing process but the costs are defined. Online advertising is paid for on a per-click basis and you have no idea how many people might click on your ad. Your advertising budget can become a roller-coaster ride. You just never know how much you will be spending on a day-to-day basis. Xava SEO contracts are fixed on a 3-6 monthly basis allowing you to control your online spending.
  2. Trust Building – Whether you realise it or not, ranking highly in search engine results builds trust with people browsing the web. How often do you go to Page 3 of a web search to find what you are looking for? Xava can help you reach the top of search engine rankings and then keep you there on an ongoing basis through a set of mutually agreed goals and reports including website analytics.
  3. Quality – Search engines rank sites that have authority built on the basis of excellent content and site structure. Good SEO promotes quality control for your web content. As a Xava customer, you can get feedback on your content as part of our SEO services to maintain a high quality website.
  4. Return On Investment – Multiple researches have shown that people rarely go past page 2 of web search results. With the Xava SEO services, you can rest assured that we will help you stay at the top of the search engine rankings giving you an excellent ROI on your SEO contract with us.
Search Engine Optimisation or SEO refers to on-page and off-page techniques that ensure that search engine algorithms rank your website highly and it appears in the top of the search results making it consistently more visible and accessible to your customer.
The on-page techniques include:
  1. Meta Tags, Title Tags, URL Naming and Alt Tags – All these store snippets of information about your website that is read by search engines and used to index your site. The more effective use you make of these features, the easier it will be for search engines to rank and index your site.
  2. Content Optimisation – Writing your content in a way that appeals to search engines and people alike. Search engines operate by keywords and people scan internet content. Combining the 2 and creating effective and appealing content is an excellent starting point for good SEO.
  3. Content Creation – This works in ways similar to human interaction in real life. The more authority you can display on a particular topic, the more trustworthy source of information you become. Use blogs and product write-ups to showcase your knowledge and passion for your area of business.This has a side benefit of keeping your site fresh allowing search engines to index your site more frequently.


We recommend the following:

  1. Month 1 – Keyword Research & Agreement – Xava will research your website and your business space to come up with a list of keywords that are relevant for your websites.
  2. Month 2 – Basic on-page SEO – Xava will ensure that your URLs, Meta-tags, robots.txt and image tags are properly populated through out your site.We will make sure that your site is submitted to Google & Bing for indexing. We will also submit an XML sitemap to the search engines so they can begin indexing your website.
  3. Month 3 and Beyond – Xava will target your content for agreed keywords in the first month starting with the lowest comp-etition keywords and then moving onto higher competition keywords.

Note – A monthly analytics report will be made available to track the performance of the SEO efforts.


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