Top Ten Things to Consider When Redeveloping a Website

You already have a website and have not changed it in a long long time. There are multiple reasons why you want to redevelop the site. You might want to

  • Make the website look more modern and in tune with time
  • Make sure that the website appeals to the new wave of people viewing your site on the internet
  • Make sure that your website is responsive
  • Add E-Commerce to your site
  • Make sure that you refresh the website for

Top Ten things to consider before your website

As a business or an individual you have decided that you need a website after reading my previous Top-Ten blog, Why does Your Business Need a Website? You need to answer a few more questions before you agree on the website design and development process. Here is a list of the Top Ten things to consider before your website goes from an idea to a concept

Top-Ten – Why Does Your Business Need a Website?

Why does your business need a website?Have you ever been asked the question What do you want in life? Just like the answer to that question is not, I want to be happy!, the answer to Why Your Business Needs a website is not , Everyone has one these days! Top 10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website A website is a strategic tool for any business and requires ongoing investment and commitment

Internet Habits Survey

Would you like to win a website worth €500 from Xava? Or maybe €500 worth of maintenance on your existing website? Then read on The prize draw was conducted today and the winner is: Kathleen DoranCONGRATULATIONS Kathleen Please send an email to to accept your prize and to setup the initial consultation for your brand new website from Xava. Terms & Conditions of the prize draw

  1. Draw

Xava announces New Products to help businesses with their online activities

Xava has today completed an exciting rebranding exercise in its short history. As a part of the exercise, new product names and a complete online strategy for Irish businesses has been revealed. Xava has come up with a simple 3-step online solution for businesses in Ireland. It starts with getting a business website with off-the-shelf designs already available in the Xava portfolio. The bePresent product is aimed at small businesses seeking to start using the internet as a part of their

Do’s and Dont’s for Your Facebook Business Page

You are ready to use Facebook for your business but no one ever told you what you should or should not do so here is a handy Do's Dont's for Your Facebook Business Page. In all your Facebook (or any other social media like Twitter) activities you have to remember that these channels are just a way of driving traffic to your website because that is an important parameter in determining your search engine rankings. So

Xava’s New Identity

Today is an exciting day in the short history of Xava as we are delighted to unveil the new logo for our company. If you are reading this post on, you have already seen the logo but in case you haven't, here is the new logo: This logo is the end of a 1 month long design process to capture the identity of the company. Xava has been setup to help small businesses embrace the digital age of marketing. As such the logo represents

How Not to Use Twitter for Business?

This is an excellent example of how not to use Twitter for business. Clearly the operator of the @Cinnamon_D6 Abusive Language in a Tweet by CinnamonTwitter account was exasperated at the perceived abuse being thrown at him or her and got a little bit carried away in their tweet. More examples of How Not to Use Twitter for

How to sell on the Internet?

Now you have a product to sell, a story to tell to go with the product but you dont how to sell in the internet? Welcome to the world of Digital Marketing. Lets establish a few small ground rules

  1. You drive the website content including the layout.
  2. You own the business
  3. Digital Marketers help you present the content so it reaches the widest possible audience.
  4. Fundamentals of traditional business still remain
  Here are some tips for a website that is a viable selling tool for a

Dublin Web Summit Update

Xava had a front row seat at the Digital Stage at the Dublin Web Summit. It was an exciting time in the Xava lifeline as it allowed me to hear from experts what is current in the world  of digital business and marketing. I updated the live blog on both days with quotes and tweets so this write-up is more a collection of my thoughts from the two days. The digital stage had