Facebook marketing is all about relationship building

Lately in my effort to grow Xava, I have come across a lot of people trading Likes on their business pages. While it is a good practice to support your fellow entrepreneurs in growing their fan base but have you ever thought what a like is worth? Or more importantly what YOUR Like is worth to the business page? Let me put this very delicately because I know that your Liking of a business page was well intentioned - It is worth NOTHING!! If

Do’s and Dont’s for Your Facebook Business Page

You are ready to use Facebook for your business but no one ever told you what you should or should not do so here is a handy Do's Dont's for Your Facebook Business Page. In all your Facebook (or any other social media like Twitter) activities you have to remember that these channels are just a way of driving traffic to your website because that is an important parameter in determining your search engine rankings. So

How Not to Use Twitter for Business?

This is an excellent example of how not to use Twitter for business. Clearly the operator of the @Cinnamon_D6 Abusive Language in a Tweet by CinnamonTwitter account was exasperated at the perceived abuse being thrown at him or her and got a little bit carried away in their tweet. More examples of How Not to Use Twitter for

Dublin Web Summit Update

Xava had a front row seat at the Digital Stage at the Dublin Web Summit. It was an exciting time in the Xava lifeline as it allowed me to hear from experts what is current in the world  of digital business and marketing. I updated the live blog on both days with quotes and tweets so this write-up is more a collection of my thoughts from the two days. The digital stage had

Dublin Web Summit Day 2 – Mid-Morning Session

Speaker list at http://www.websummit.net/digital-stage-schedule/ Speakers thoughts Sarah Wood, Co-founder & COO of Unruly Media

  • "The New media strategy represented a brave move for us and was a resounding success. Not only did we capture the imagination of the nation but we also delivered for the business" - Lysa Hardy T-Mobile UK
  • "Embrace teh  oppahtunity" - Social media presents an opportunity to engage with people
  • Advocacy, Attention, Awareness and Action are the 4 pillars of

How to Facebook for Businesses?

How to Facebook for Businesses? As promised in one of my previous blogs, I am analysing the various social networking sites that are the most important today. Facebook is the leader of the pack by far. As this infographic shows - it has a huge penetration footprint all across the world. There are 845Million active users on Facebook every day. This represents a huge opportunity for marketeers to reach audiences around the

Social Media Networking for Business

To Facebook or not to Facebook! Google before you Tweet! Social Media Networking for Business Our world is changing and the business world is no different. 10 years ago no one had heard of social media networking and no had even contemplated using it as a business tool. Today companies rely on the social media websites to create chatter between customers, have interactions with their customers. Last but not least, companies use social media for customer supoprt. The upside of doing this