Twitter – How Best To Use It For Your Business?

This is intended to be an easy guide to understanding Twitter from Day 0. This is aimed at people who are just starting out on their Tweeting Journey.

  1. Step 1 - Identify Your Business Goal Like any other business activity, your Social Media efforts should have a solid strategy behind them. You can not just dive in and out! To get consistent and good results, you have to put in a lot of effort into your social media interaction. Also, remember that social

Do’s and Dont’s for Your Facebook Business Page

You are ready to use Facebook for your business but no one ever told you what you should or should not do so here is a handy Do's Dont's for Your Facebook Business Page. In all your Facebook (or any other social media like Twitter) activities you have to remember that these channels are just a way of driving traffic to your website because that is an important parameter in determining your search engine rankings. So

How Not to Use Twitter for Business?

This is an excellent example of how not to use Twitter for business. Clearly the operator of the @Cinnamon_D6 Abusive Language in a Tweet by CinnamonTwitter account was exasperated at the perceived abuse being thrown at him or her and got a little bit carried away in their tweet. More examples of How Not to Use Twitter for

How to sell on the Internet?

Now you have a product to sell, a story to tell to go with the product but you dont how to sell in the internet? Welcome to the world of Digital Marketing. Lets establish a few small ground rules

  1. You drive the website content including the layout.
  2. You own the business
  3. Digital Marketers help you present the content so it reaches the widest possible audience.
  4. Fundamentals of traditional business still remain
  Here are some tips for a website that is a viable selling tool for a

Dublin Web Summit Update

Xava had a front row seat at the Digital Stage at the Dublin Web Summit. It was an exciting time in the Xava lifeline as it allowed me to hear from experts what is current in the world  of digital business and marketing. I updated the live blog on both days with quotes and tweets so this write-up is more a collection of my thoughts from the two days. The digital stage had

Dublin Web Summit Day 2 – Mid-Morning Session

Speaker list at Speakers thoughts Sarah Wood, Co-founder & COO of Unruly Media

  • "The New media strategy represented a brave move for us and was a resounding success. Not only did we capture the imagination of the nation but we also delivered for the business" - Lysa Hardy T-Mobile UK
  • "Embrace teh  oppahtunity" - Social media presents an opportunity to engage with people
  • Advocacy, Attention, Awareness and Action are the 4 pillars of

Dublin Web Summit Day 2 – Morning Session

Speaker list at Joanna Lord VP Growth Marketing at SEOMoz talked about delivering value from the Sales funnel

  • Businesses need evangelists
  • Today people are social consumers
  • Tackle the Why question - why did you start a business? Highlight that story so people can connect with you and buy into your philosophy straight away - trigger the emotional response.
  • It is important to thank people - personalise the thank you message - Form a connection with the consumer.
  • "We dont just

Dublin Web Summit – Day 1 Mid-Morning Updates

OK so the talks quotes and facts are flying in and the priority is to feed the body and mind so this update is more a list of quotes and random thoughts but I will write m ore detailed report after the event on the goings on at the Digital Stage at the Dublin Web Summit ( #websummit) Quotes from the mid-morning session at the Dublin Web Summit  

  1. Shortest & best SEO advice "Great SEO is not about search engines-is about solving for

Dublin Web Summit – Day 1 Morning Update

So Xava has a front row seat at the Dublin Web Summit and tweeting live Updates - Follow us:) The summary of the morning session so far

  • Social Media marketing is here to stay and more and more people are talking about it.
  • Mobile Marketing is important and companies can not afford to ignore it.
Some of the quotes

Social Media brings Businesses Full Circle

Social Media Brings Business Full Circle! Social Business from the 20th Century In the 60s-70s, social business was acceptable. Housewives who needed to earn some money or kill time or both resorted to becoming the Avon lady or having Tupperware parties. While these 2 social businesses had a certain negative or laughable image attached to them, todays social media networking is not hugely different from the 2 social