Performance Classic Yachts

Mark Speirs, the owner of Performance Classic Yachts, approached Xava through a direct referral from Mark Mills of Mills Design to design a website that would serve as a marketing platform for their luxury yachts.

After an initial consultation with Mark Speirs to understand his passion and drive for the business, we set about understanding the yacht industry and other websites in this area both in Ireland, Hong Kong and worldwide. We also researched websites of other luxury brands such as Rolex, Rolls-Royce etc. It became apparent very quickly that people who buy yachts are not bothered by calls-to-action or other trivial stuff but they need to be taken on a journey that sets them apart from their peers.

This journey is reflected in the design of the new site in that it is a visual interface for people with the money to buy a yacht to be captivated by. The style of the images, the font and the language all reflect a marriage of the classic with the modern just like the product. The yachts are built using classical woodworking techniques for the modern consumer. The website combines the latest technology, design and combines it with the classical Times New Roman font to mimic the product.

We launched the brand new website in April 2015. Just see what mark Speirs had to say about his engagement with Xava:

We are a company that are producing a new brand of Classic yachts where we needed to be able to convey a strong visual content to the web site but one where our message was also being put across in a subtle way. We were attracted to discuss our potential site due to the work that XAVA had done for the Mark Mills yacht design site, and once we got into discussions with Amit it was clear we were on the same page. They had lots of great ideas for the site and worked hard and openly with us to generate a site which we are extremely happy with and would recommend from Xava as excellent partners to work with in any site development or related work.


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