Voice Chat beats all other avenues of Internet usage by a distance. Due to which most popular portals allow chat plug-ins. Chat sites hardly need to advertise. In fact to popularize sites, a chat plug-in works best. The uniqueness of Voice Chat is that the element of anonymity allows users to be themselves for a change. People get into rooms/ huddles for finding likeminded mates. Many a real world friendships/ relationships/ business tie-ups are stemming out of chat rooms with enhanced maturity and acceptance.

Why Use Voice Chat?

  • Mobile VAS as we know it currently is about content and there is a huge gap on the covert desire of People to connect with People. Voice Chat, an adaptation of the popular Internet Chat is a promising application which would fill this void and translate to a big Revenue Grosser, Retention Tool and a Clear Differentiator.
  • Voice Chat is a full bodied, well researched, complete user interface for subscribers to talk/ chat over Voice anonymously (which means by sharing only there virtual identities as created by them and never giving out the mobile numbers). The intuitive, dynamic menu makes Voice Chat an exhilarating experience.
  • The service is absolutely secure with very stringent checks and moderation.
  • Subscribers to be able to chat with people across various circles of MTN to offer a lot of choice and variety to them.


What is Voice Chat Service?

Voice Chat allows you to find friends and talk to them over Voice without displaying your
mobile number. Instead you get a 6 or 7 digit chat ID as your Voice Chat identity.The service is absolutely secure with stringent checks and moderation. Subscribers to be able to chat with people across various circles of MTN to offer a lot of choice and variety to them.

Is this available to all customers?

Yes, the service is available to all the postpaid & prepaid customers of MTN.

How can I subscribe for this?

Simply call at XXXX IVR and Voice Chat prompts will guide to subscribe for this service.

How can I find friends on Voice Chat?

Dial the Voice Chat IVR number (XXXXX) and go to profiles option. Here you shall hear
the recordings of other users, giving you the option to choose your own friends. Incase, you like a particular recording/ user profile, you may press 1 from your handset to speak to that user.Also, the service sends you SMS alerts of Chat Id’s that match your profile criteria.

How do I make a Voice Chat Call?

A-You can call XXXXX and select the option 3 “Chat directly with a known friend”. The system will then prompt you to enter the Chat ID number you want to call and call gets connected.

What are the charges for Voice Chat Service?

Monthly Subscription is X/ Month. Call Charges @ X/Min.

Can I stop myself from receiving Chat calls?

YES, you can call the Service IVR at XXXXX(toll free) or simply write LOGOUT. To start receiving the calls, you need to call XXXXXXX (toll free) .

I want to unsubscribe for this, how can I do that?

Subscribers should call 54321 and go to the options menu. Select Unsubscribe option.

What cities is this service available in?

Sir / Ma’am, the service is available to all MTN customers across Country.

Can I use Chat Service while roaming?

Yes, you can use the service in Roaming also.